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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

22 December 2009

The Christmas is at the door and I feel no stress. Well, not counting my little war with cockroaches that I haven´t won yet.
Preparation for Christmas started by the kids washing the cafeteria. The framework that the mice (rats) like to walk on was now fruited with children. There was water everywhere and a lot of feet. Every day the kids ask me to take them for a walk (all age categories) and this morning a 4-year-old Kamau looked at me with reproach that I told him yesterday that I would take him for a walk and I didn´t – I had no other choice. I wanted to take some 15 children with me but on the way to the gate other children were joining us and finally there were 40 of them. That is enough for one adult. I organized them in pairs and we walked up the road together.
I showed „A je to“ (Slovak animated series for children) and introduced Pat and Mat to them. I think they liked it because the next morning they started nagging me for more.
Yesterday there was a Talent Show and I performed too. Together with Exvilian we danced Kuku Dance whose choreography we prepared together very spontaneously an hour before. We got more than 80 points and won the good 2nd place (although some people were spreading rumours that it was the 5th).
I played adapted versions of other Slovak games with the kids such as Little geese, little geese, let´s go home! (Little goats, little goats, let´s go home – and they were chased by a hyena instead of a wolf) and Forks, spoons, knives (Uma, Kikijo, Kisu). Apart from that I keep washing dirty clothes, my greasy hair – very intellectual business. The children can´t understand that I don´t want to put a cream in my hair and that it really is not nice to have greasy hair.
Yesterday evening I watched a movie with the older girls. Two thirds fell asleep-
The Christmas here starts 25th December so I don´t know what I am going to do 24th, that is tomorrow. Maybe I will wash the children´s hair with a shampoo or make popcorn out of 4 kilos of corn that I bought.
Blessed Christmas.

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